Winner of the inaugural Ballarat East Neighbourhood House Pet Mascot

Ballarat East Neighbourhood House is excited to announce that the winner of the inaugural Pet Mascot competition is...Blazer! We look forward to working with Blazer and his human, Tegan, during 2023.

The job requirements are to be cute and friendly, willing to come and visit us at Barkly Square, Ballarat East a few times over the year and to be super photogenic.

The 61 people who voted are in the draw to win one of ten $10 vouchers from Baker's Delight Bakery Hill. Voting closed at 5.00 pm on Friday 14 October 2022.

Our five finalists are listed in alphabetical order.


Bandit web1

"Bandit is a Blue Heeler. We adopted Bandit last year from the Ballarat animal shelter and can't believe our luck in finding such a wonderful dog. 

He loves walks and cuddles on the couch. He's just a beautiful soul."




















Blazer 3 web"This is Blazer! The beloved 7 year old Beaglier who I adopted this year.

Blazer loves nothing more than curling up next to a human for cuddles and his human loves nothing more than stroking his silky loooong ears!

His other favourite pastime is sniffing! The Beagle breed kicks in and he could follow his nose for days!

Blazer a skinny little fella and feels the cold so has a collection of dapper coats to keep him warm through Ballarat’s winters. And he looks pretty cute wearing them too!

I might be biased but I’m pretty sure he is the most photogenic doggo in the world!

Hope you love Blazer as much as I do."








Bunji web

Human mum: Jane

Originally named for her fourth (now removed) leg which was uncontrolled like a bungee rope, Bunji's owner was pleased to learn that her name also has an Indigenous Australian meaning: “a little mate". Her owner says Bunji is very energetic, loves attention, is a mummy's girl and is perfect!

Bunji: Indigenous Australian origin meaning: “a mate, a close friend a kinsman” (from Warlpiri and other languages of the Northern Territory and northern Queensland). Source: The Conversation










Lizzie and Sally 1 web

"Lizzie Pepper (left) and Sally Skip (right) are two dachshund sisters who came to live with us during the pandemic in 2020.

They were both born in August 2020 and they are nearly two years old. They are very friendly. They love lots of attention and are rather spoilt!

Martin and I only planned to have one dog. When we saw them on a video call,  Lizzie and Sally said: “Woof, we can’t be separated”.

So, they came together on big dog pet transport truck from Sydney NSW. We met them in a carpark, in Wendouree and our hearts melted when we saw these two little puppies in a nest of straw.

They love Ballarat and have made lots of friends on their regular walks around Mount Pleasant. They especially love delivering the Ballarat East Newsletter with their owners.

Their favourite food is chicken and sardines. Lizzie’s favourite activity is playing chasey with the ball. Sally just likes to manage everything.

Their most hated activity is going for walks in the rain.

Lizzie and Sally would love to visit and make friends with the team at Ballarat East Neighbourhood House."

Joy and Martin


Sugar Dog 2 crop web

Sugar is a first generation cavoodle.

She is two years old and has four puppies: Bonny, Louie, Teddy and Henderson (pictured below).

She has an opinion about almost everything and is very cheeky and lovable!






Sugars Puppies web