Imagine if we could reduce the pressure on health services by 20%, whilst increasing the resilience and health of people in our communities, creating better places to live.

The evidence is in – it is possible. By creating stronger links and pathways between health practitioners and community we improve our framework for wellbeing, supporting medical interventions as well as social connection - both essential in wellness. Our approach draws on the fundamentals of Social Prescription – people, opportunity and trust, to build a fit-for-purpose Australian model from the ground up.

‘Social Prescription’ is a system where doctors can refer people to community activities, reducing the strain on the medical system and improving medical results for people. Developed in the U.K., Social Prescription started out as a simple place-based approach to health - connecting people through community, to support health and wellbeing. Over the past three decades it has become a complex and internationally recognised system with real and meaningful success.

In early 2020 the Central Highlands Association of Neighbourhood Houses (CNANH) met with Health Futures Australia and the Ballarat Subdivision of the Australian Medical Association to develop the concept of Wellbeing Scripts – our ‘take’ on Social Prescription, or, how we might develop Social Prescription in a regional, Australian setting.

In June 2020 we were successfully funded by the Australian Government to begin prototyping and raising awareness of the value of social connection for wellbeing.

Source: Central Highlands Association of Neighbourhood Houses (CHANH), Blog post, 14 July 2020 

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