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Neighbourhood Houses Working Together

On Wednesday 27 October 2021 at the City of Ballarat's Council Meeting a four-year Strategic Partnership proposal from the four Neighbourhood Houses in Ballarat was approved. 

This project see the four Ballarat Houses working closely together to support community groups across our city. 

Building Governance Capacity for Ballarat's Community Groups

Ballarat’s four Neighbourhood Houses will build capacity for local groups through training workshops and resources.

The project involves delivery of training on governance, grant writing, financial management, running effective meetings, managing volunteers and applying for incorporation.

Costs are for 0.4 FTE Governance Officer, Project Management and Administration, Minor Project Costs such as marketing and publicity.

To find out more:

City of Ballarat Council Meetings

City of Ballarat Council Meeting, Wednesday 27 October: Agenda (scroll to the bottom of the page to the file: '27 October 2021 Council Meeting Agenda with attachments_Part2'. Item 8.4 starts on p.228 (PDF p.25) and finishes on p.237 (PDF p.34)).

From the Council Meeting Agenda:

The Officer Recommendation is that the Council: "16.2 Endorse funding Ballarat East Neighbourhood House Inc. a total sum of $333,784 over four years (2021/2022, 2022/2023, 2023/2024 and 2024/2025)"


  1. The purpose of the Strategic Partnerships Program is to provide funding to organisations or businesses to deliver initiatives that meet Council’s strategic objectives outlined in the Council Plan, Health and Wellbeing Plan and other relevant plans and strategies that have been endorsed by Council.
  2. The delivery of the Strategic Partnerships Program is explicitly included in the annual Council Plan Action Plan under:
    a. Goal 2: A healthy, connected and inclusive community
    b. Objective 2.1: Provide a socially equitable response to municipal growth and change
    c. Strategy: Administer the Community Impact Grant and Strategic Partnership Grant programs


  1. Funded Strategic Partnerships must deliver on Council objectives that are broadly based around the following goals, all of which are designed to create positive community outcomes:
    a. An environmentally sustainable future
    b. A healthy, connected and inclusive community
    c. A city that fosters sustainable growth
    d. A city that conserves and enhances our natural and built assets
    e. A strong and innovative economy and city
  2. The proposals recommended for funding have community impact in creating strong community organisations and networks, aiding the local economy to recover from COVID and promoting active living and visitation to the city.