nbn logoThe Ballarat East Neighbourhood House is partnering with Rachel from nbn Local to offer eight free-of-charge Digital Literacy Sessions in Term 4, 2021 and Term 1, 2022.


If you would like to participate in the online session, but do not have access to a digital device, please let us know as we may be able to loan a device to you.

Location: In-person at the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House, Barkly Square, Ballarat East.

Date: Every Wednesday from 17 November - 8 December 2021 and the remaining sessions in Term 1, 2022.

Time: 10.30 am – 11.30 am, Wednesdays

Digital Literacy Program (please note that we have rearranged the normal order of these sessions as we felt delivering the 'Getting started' and 'Getting connected' sessions would be more suited to face-to-face sessions, to be held later in the series when we are back on-site).

  • ONLINE: 27 October, Session 1 – Navigating the Internet – Government websites and MyGov
  • BARKLY SQUARE: 17 November, Session 2 – How to be safe – Privacy, Protection and Scam Awareness
  • BARKLY SQUARE: 24 November, Session 3 – Getting started – Phone, Tablet & Laptop skills
  • BARKLY SQUARE: 1 December, Session 4 – Getting connected – Internet, Wifi and Bluetooth
  • BARKLY SQUARE: 8 December, Session 5 – Preparation for Emergency and/or Power outages
  • BARKLY SQUARE: 2022, Session 6 – Getting online – Online banking, Shopping and Social Media
  • BARKLY SQUARE: 2022, Session 7 – Smart Devices, how can they help you
  • BARKLY SQUARE: 2022, Session 8 – Open session

If you have any questions, please contact the Ballarat East Neighbourhood House

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Who is nbn™ Local?

nbn™ Local is a business unit within nbn™’s Regional Development & Engagement (RDE) branch. It consists of 22 teams nationally, with a focus on building digital capability, developing regional infrastructure, supporting local performance and engaging at all levels within a community.

What is the role of a Community Ambassador?

As a Community Ambassador, Rachel's role focuses on lifting digital capabilities of regional and rural Australians, facilitating positive customer experiences and creating shared economic and social benefits through programs, activities and events.

Why is digital literacy and inclusion important?

The digital divide, as highlighted by The Good Things Foundation’s Digital Nation Australia 2021 report, is a significant issue within modern Australia. With an ever evolving and growing digital world, it is important to have skills to communicate online with family and friends, operate smart devices, access information, and store data safely and securely.

We recognise that being digitally capable is not only having the ability to use digital technology, but also having an awareness of the dangers and the ability to keep safe. Connectivity can unlock regional Australia's potential, and utilising nbn™ Local’s on the ground teams, through collaboration with local communities, organisations and Local Government, is how we can work towards closing the digital divide between city and regional Australia.

How can nbn™ Local's Community Ambassadors work with local organisations to uplift Digital Capability?

Community Ambassadors can deliver no-cost digital literacy sessions, events and/or programs to local organisations. Working together with organisations allows nbn™ Local to gain an understanding of the community, what their needs are and ensures that we can deliver content and support that is practical and relevant.

nbn™ Local offer one-off sessions, drop-in events and more structured programs, depending on requirements and availability.

These sessions and presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of participants and can also be adapted to suit several different formats, including virtual.

Sessions include, but are not limited to, connecting to nbn™, getting started online, e-safety and scams awareness, smart devices, navigating government websites and apps and getting the most out of your internet experience.